Verified User - How and Why

Some features in Slap require you to verify your identity. This is for the safety of everyone in the community. It is 100% free, only needs to be done one time, and takes only a few seconds.

Automatic SMS Verification
When accessing certain features in Slap, such as buying Slap Points, you'll be presented with an option to verify your account via text messageg to your mobile device. You will be sent a confirmation code to the phone number you provide, and you will need to enter that confirmation code back to Slap Verification Process. It's that easy!

Manual Verification
Manual verification can take from 7-10 business days and requires you to send a scanned copy of your drivers license, government issued ID card or passport to We will then check for authenticity, contact you to confirm your request, and then set your account as Verified.

Any questions please contact our support team!

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