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  1. Can I decide that no one gets the reward in a challenge I’ve created?

  2. Can I edit a challenge after I’ve launched it?

  3. Can I end a challenge before its due date? (Change end date)

  4. How can I buy Slap Points?

  5. How can I find challenges that people have created on Slap?

  6. How can I send a challenge I’m participating in to a friend?

  7. How can I send a challenge I’ve created to a friend?

  8. How do I change my profile picture or description on Slap?

  9. How do I create a challenge?

  10. How do I give the reward to the winner of my challenge?

  11. How do I invite someone to become a connection on Slap?

  12. How do I redeem a reward that I’ve won in a challenge?

  13. How do I report what I believe is improper behavior, illegal behavior, or violations of Slap’s terms of use?

  14. How do I reset my password or enter a different email address?

  15. How long are Slap Points good for?

  16. I would like to give to a charity other than the ones listed on Slap. How can I recommend a new charity for inclusion on Slap?

  17. Slap - Terms Glossary

  18. To whom may I send rewards?

  19. Verified User - How and Why

  20. What are Slap Points?

  21. What benefits does a higher Seal Score give users?

  22. What can I do if I have a problem using Slap?

  23. What can I do with Slap Points I own?

  24. What does it cost to set up a challenge?

  25. What is a challenge?

  26. What is my Seal Score?

  27. What tips do you have for me about setting up challenges?

  28. What’s a “connection?”

  29. What’s a “private” challenge?

  30. What’s a “reward?”

  31. When should I give the reward to the participant who I think deserves it?

  32. Where can I find all of the challenges I’ve created?

  33. Where can I find the rewards that I’ve received on Slap?

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