What’s a “reward?”

A reward is something a challenge creator gives to a person (or people) who has participated in a challenge, reached the desired goal, and has won.  Rewards on the Slap platform fall into one of 3 categories:  
Slap Points
Gift Cards 
Other Rewards

If you want to use Slap Points or Gift Cards as a reward, you will have to buy them or receive them from someone else.  You can buy gift cards and Slap Points easily by using a credit card when prompted on Slap.

Slap Points as a reward will those that win the challenge to redeem them for things from the Point Market such as gift cards and other items. Or, they can use them to create their own challenges.

Gift Cards as a reward allows you to choose a specific gift card brand and value and gift that as a reward for challenge participation.

Other rewards include real-world activities like taking a person out to dinner, cooking their favorite meal, owing them a favor, or thanking them publicly. You can also attach a document such as a PDF coupon or book, or MP3 music file.

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