Slap - Terms Glossary

Slap is an exciting place to challenge and engage with friends, family, and communities. Below you'll find a glossary of words you'll find used in the Slap platform, and what they mean.

User web portal terms (in alphabetical order)

Action ( -- 


Activity reward limit

Assign reward ( --

Buy merchant reward ( -- 

Challenges - Participate in a challenge by performing and submitting proof of action or series of actions. These may have one winner, or more than one winner. The prizes can be anything

Challenge Consultant (CIAB) - coming soon - Our intelligent assistant for creating challenges. Answer a few simple questions and received personalized and automated consultation for setting up the most effective challenges to achieve your goals.


Community - 

Completions --

Connect with someone new (

Connections --

Coupon limit

Create -- Tab that allows users to create activities, challenges, communities, rewards. Also allows users to assign rewards, view rewards, allocate rewards

Create new reward (


Filter by ( -- 


Fish Points - Redeem your Fish Points for gift cards, and occasionally other rewards. These points are very valuable and should be treated like currency on Slap. For example, you may redeem 1,000 Fish Points for a $10 gift card. Fish Points are earned when you complete challenges or are transferred to you by another Slap user.

Fish earned

Fish purchased


Gift name ( -- 

Gear icon

Reward - The items given to those users who are successful in challenges and activities.  Awarded to one or more winners who complete a challenge. These can be Fish Points (to be redeemed for gift cards), offline rewards (e.g. night out on the town, a week of washing the dishes, etc.), or digital rewards (e.g. PDF document, MP3 song file, etc.).

Members  (


Notification --

Participants (

Play -- Tab that allows users to participate in existing challenges and activities.

Please select category ( -- Drop down menu that allows user to select the sort of challenge they want to participate in.



Reward account -- 

Reward redemption

Redemption request

Requested date (

Reward category ( Has two categories:  Gift Card and Cash Reward.

Seal Score -  A score that is constructed by tracking your activities on Slap.  Your score rates your influence level on Slap. The higher your score is, the more you are likely to be invited to participant in high-reward challenges, and more sought out you will be on Slap. This score is generated and updated automatically when you perform certain actions on Slap. 

Select post type

Send Invitation (


Sort by (

Status (

Team -


Upcoming --

User Name ( -- 

Merchant portal terms (in alphabetical order)



Admin portal terms (in alphabetical order)


Charity portal terms (in alphabetical order)



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